Oceania RLCS

Match Results

ICON Esports - EmproX
ICON Esports - Out of Order
1NE eSports OCE - Out of Order
Justice Esports - 1NE eSports OCE
Justice Esports - Team Esper
Renegades - EDGE
Renegades - 1NE eSports OCE
Justice Esports - EmproX
ICON Esports - EDGE
Out of Order - Team Esper
EDGE - Out of Order
EDGE - EmproX
Renegades - EmproX
Renegades - Team Esper
1NE eSports OCE - Team Esper
Justice Esports - ICON Esports
Justice Esports - EDGE
EDGE - 1NE eSports OCE
1NE eSports OCE - EmproX
Team Esper - EmproX
ICON Esports - Team Esper
Renegades - Out of Order
ICON Esports - 1NE eSports OCE
Renegades - ICON Esports
Renegades - Justice Esports
Justice Esports - Out of Order
Out of Order - EmproX
EDGE - Team Esper


Rank Team Matches Games GD Win %